Avatar Generations - "Aang can save the world, but maybe not on mobile"


Valiant Hearts: Coming Home - "A touching war story from various angles"

World War I remains one of the most historically significant events of the last century. It literally shaped the world we live in today, and yet, there is still so much we don’t know about it.

Roller Drama - "Scheme with your team, skate great"

Drama can exist in any environment, especially in sports. Considering how rough roller derby can be, Roller Drama definitely lives up to its name. You play as Joan, the coach of a team of five roller derby athletes.

Sands of Salzaar - "An insanely deep open-ended experience

As mystical as its title suggests, Sands of Salzaar thrusts you into an enchanted land of monsters and men where you can either stick to your own lane or flow with the endless sands and let the vast landscape direct your path.

Bringing balance to the Four Nations is no easy feat, and Avatar Generations offers a more hands-on approach to Nickelodeon’s wildly popular narrative as opposed to just watching it all unfold on TV.

Happy Game - "Don't worry, be happy?"

As the surprisingly detailed disclaimer states before you even get to the title screen, “Happy Game is not a happy game”. And why is this?

Flash Party - "A mobile smash-like game!"

Thanks to the Smash Bros. series of games, the whole idea of what fighting games can be has been transformed over the years. There have been many alternatives to these titles, and XD Entertainment is bringing Flash Party to the table.

Tomb Raider Reloaded - "Lara Croft is back and mobile"

Even people who don’t play video games have heard of Lara Croft – better known as the Tomb Raider – and with Lara still having a presence in the gaming world, CDE Entertainment has made their take on her adventures on mobile with Tomb Raider Reloaded.